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The Call of the Sea

Summer is an inspiration to us all. The sunshine warms our spirits as the new season hits our shores and life unfolds with new opportunities and sun-kissed adventures waiting to be experienced. Our new The Call of the Sea Collection is an ode to the power, beauty and resilience of the sea. Explore the deep blue colours in our new Perseverance Stone, the feathery calm white cat eye shade of our new Faith Stone and the captivating new designs in our Fearlessness meaningful collection. This summer use the jewellery you wear to guide you into making confident decisions about your future. You are as brave and glorious as the sea.


by Mvintage

Let your spirit feel the call of the sea! This summer take a moment to pause and admire the sea’s energy and strength, along with her delicate ability to nurture, refresh and caress. Create a rich heritage of beautiful memories every day and always remember - it’s not about escaping life - it’s about making sure life doesn’t escape you without being enjoyed first.


We’ve captured the resilient nature of the sea in the dark blue colour of our new cat eye Perseverance Stone. Perfect to help you, or a loved one know that any obstacle in your way can be overcome and that you can face challenges head on. Jewellery designed to help you never give up on your dreams of success. Have faith that things can and will change for the better. Let the calming shade of our white cat eye Faith stone serve as a reminder to you or a loved one, that not everything is written in stone and the future is yours to create. Trust in yourself and your abilities - you are more incredible than you realise. An echo of colourful oceans with its iridescent shades of green and blue – the new pendants in our Fearlessness collection serve as a beautiful reminder that you can be brave, feminine, and strong all at the same time. Find the design that resonates most with your story and enjoy a fearless summer like never before.


Two of our most admired designs, our Hand of Fatima and Luzzu Eye Pendants, are now available with even deeper meanings! These unique pendants help to promote incredible feminine power, protection and guidance. With the addition of our abalone shell promoting Fearlessness and mother of pearl promoting Protection – they are a refreshing take on new summer style. Available in gold, silver and rose gold. Explore new ways to stack and wear these eye-catching and truly meaningful pendants.


They encourage our children to explore, to think and to create. They never give up, never give in and start each day with a smile and open a world full of knowledge to our little ones. Say thank you to your child’s teacher with this stunning gift set that she will treasure for years to come.


Inspired by the magnificence of the sea, this new collection is a celebration of perseverance, faith that things will change for the better and the courage to be fearless in life. Wear these meaningful stones in a variety of styles, including our latest feminine Fjura designs. Jewellery imbued with meaning that can help you face life head on this summer. Focus on your challenges and we will help you overcome them with delicate grace and beautiful style.

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