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Product Care

Mvintage produces jewellery in 316L stainless steel, using enamel, semi-precious gemstones, handcrafted glass stones and cubic zirconia. Stainless steel is resistant and most importantly hypoallergenic. Each piece is unique to the artisan craftsmanship process, and therefore natural streaking, veins and/or simple colour differences in the stones may occur. We are passionate about each piece of jewellery which we create and wish for it to bring joy to its wearer. We strive to provide the best quality, combining resistant stainless steel with the best gold and rose gold plating on the market. However, longevity of plated jewellery primarily depends on the care and attention that is given to the conditions the items are worn and stored in. Please make sure to carefully observe the following instructions:

All jewellery pieces should be stored individually, preferably in the provided Mvintage Gift box or Pouch in order to avoid abrasion caused by items rubbing against each other. Semi-precious stones and handcrafted glass, should not come into close contact in order to avoid breakages. We also suggest fastening chains when not worn, to avoid these getting tangled.

Extreme humidity, use of perfume, deodorant, hairspray, make up, nail polish remover, lotions, oils, antibacterial soaps, and excessive sweating can all have an impact on the gold and rose gold plating. Although stainless steel is strong, gold and rose gold plating is very delicate and can easily be discoloured if it comes across these elements.  We also recommend not to swim or shower when wearing jewellery. Both semi-precious stones (because they are naturally porous) and metal can become dull and discoloured when in contact with salty water, chlorine or chemicals in washing liquids, eventually causing damage to the product.

Cleaning your Mvintage jewellery is also essential for the prolongation of its use. We suggest you use a soft, non-abrasive microfibre cloth to softly clean your jewellery pieces to preserve their shine. The use of lukewarm water is also accepted as long as the item is then fully dried with a soft cloth, especially if it had come across any of the before-mentioned elements which can cause direct damage. Cleaners containing harsh chemicals are to be absolutely avoided due to irreparable damage.