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NEW SS2019 COLLECTION r e - D is co v e r i e s


Intr oducing our c ollec tion r e - D is cov er i e s

Introducing our Re-Discoveries collection. A modern take with echoes from the past; a collection rooted in our Maltese heritage. Subtle infusions of hue and pattern pay homage to the landscape and fine craftsmanship, creating an array of pieces steeped in tradition with a wearable rustic flair. This collection bridges a rich culture and contemporary style embodying an impassioned pride for our country; taking its shape from architectural and traditional elements by infusing them into each delicate piece. A collection destined to be paraded and instill patriotism in its wearer.


Inspiration is drawn from cultural relics; ornate Maltese tiles, intricate lace patterns and the vivid spectrum of our treasured island. Each piece reflecting the essence of our Maltese heritage and crafted in a new light, embodying a collection rediscovered.

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