October is the month for increasing breast cancer awareness and supporting women undergoing the fight. As a brand that celebrates women and their strength, we strive to do our part each year to raise awareness for a cause that is so close to our heart.

This year we have aptly named our campaign ALL WOMEN ONE COLOUR. Breast cancer does not distinguish between age, class or race. It is a disease without discrimination that affects all women. As a brand we want to create an environment of solidarity throughout October, one of encouragement and strength. A reassurance that the battle is not fought alone and that we stand with all fighters.

Therefore throughout October, we will be doing our utmost to participate in the cause by educating in regards to self-checking and screening. We will also be collaborating with the Marigold Foundation in an effort to raise awareness and donations for women fighting breast cancer. This October we wanted to do our part once again by raising awareness for this cause, however we also wanted to include the importance of the concept of WILLPOWER; an integral emotion when undergoing hardship, it springs from a place of strength and determination; a persistent reminder to keep swimming, even if the tide is against you. 

As part of this cause we will be donating a WILLPOWER necklace to a breast cancer fighter with every purchase made. A token we hope will act as a gentle reminder to keep fighting. This will not only allow us to provide a small gift to the brave women fighting, but also allow our customers to participate and show their support. Each purchase made will also include a postcard with useful information on self checking, a small effort we hope will educate our customers. This will also be reflected in our kiosks, where self checking facts will be displayed, inviting our customers and passers by to reflect upon the cause and learn something they might not have known about breast cancer.

Ultimately our aim this October is to support the fight and promote solidarity with breast cancer fighters and survivors, to aid women in realising their strength, beauty and determination. We also want to give our clients the opportunity to participate in this contribution and raise awareness by sharing the gift of WILLPOWER.