The delicate etching, floral designs, eye-catching geometric shapes and whipstitch detailing come together in what must be one of our most romantic, vintage-inspired collections to date.

Inspired by the unique design features of old Maltese currency and romantic vintage jewellery, the Munita Fall Collection offers new ways to create a truly personalised look.

Dress them up or down and they’ll still add just the right touch of elegance to your outfit. A lot of this is due to the way the jewellery is interchangeable and how you can add your own touches of unique personalisation.

We’ve put together three of our most favourite layered necklace styles to give you a taste of the endless possibilities this autumn.

The Basics

We suggest layering your necklaces by starting with a lighter necklace at the top and working your way down to your main focal point. Here's a blog we've written about mastering layering techniques.

We've also added three brand new chains to our Munita Collection to give you more choice and texture to your layering. Introducing the Link Chain, Figaro Chain and Rope Chain

Necklace Chains | Mvintage

The Unforgettable Look

A Four- Layer combination of remarkable style 

First Layer

The new Short Link Chain, with its large gold-plated oval links, creates a bold proclamation when worn as a choker. It draws the eye to the start of the design but doesn’t overbear the whole ensemble. It’s a versatile necklace that can even be worn on its own or with a Shield Pendant.

Link Chain for Layering | Mvintage

Second Layer

The new Munita Initial Pendant has just the right shape and size to fit elegantly on your décolletage. Using the gold Short Ball Chain as the backdrop, this stunning initial is captured within delicate etching, giving the circular pendant an almost noble feel.  
If you want to add a touch of romance to this layer instead, then the Domna Munita Engravable Pendant would make a beautiful alternative.

Necklaces for Layering | Mvintage

Third Layer

For the third layer, adding a touch of Maltese history gives this look a very home-grown, nostalgic feel. The old-school inspired flat link Short Figaro Chain provides a perfect setting for two unique pendants.
For the base we love the beauty and size of the Maltese Cross Hollow Pendant, which easily serves as a backdrop for stacking a smaller more colourful pendant on top. The smaller but brightly coloured Maltese Cross Maduma seems almost nestled in the embrace of its larger counterpart behind.

Fourth Layer

For your final layer, we always recommend making the boldest statement of all. We absolutely adore the 8-sided serrated edges of the Twenty-Five Cents Munita Engravable Pendant. It’s reminiscent of the beauty of old Maltese currency and the extraordinary detailing in the wreath of flowers can capture a small engraved design of your choice.
Wear it on a Rope Chain to complete your outfit. 

Rope Chain | Mvintage


We complimented the overall look by wearing the same Maltese Cross Munita Pendants worn on the middle layer, as earrings. The new Pin Earrings give you the flexibility of taking any flat pendant and transforming them into earrings. The synergy of wearing a matching trio to create av shaped curve which brings the eye back up to the ears before resting on thecentrepieceat the bottom.

The Unique Look 

 A three-layer style with an aura of romance and passion

Munita Fall Collection | Mvintage

First Layer

We started our layering using a Short Adjustable Chain in gold. It’s simple and delicate enough not to overpower your neckline but is also adjustable so you can move it to a length which is more comfortable for you. 

Bringing in the first touch of red, we placed the gold Maltese Cross Maduma as our first layer pendant. Two shades of a deep and slightly brighter red enamel are carefully hand painted onto the gold-plated stainless-steel disc. It gives the pendant quite a prominent feel without fear of stealing all the limelight. 

In favour of creating a matching theme for this look, we also chose two Maltese Cross Madumas for earrings.  Dangled on Rope Hoop Earrings, they create a nice elongated neckline with a pop of colour in just the right place. The rope hoops themselves can take stacked pendants which is great if you want to go for a slightly dressier style and layer two complementary designs on top of each other.

Ball Chain Gold | Mvintage

Second Layer

For our second layer we chose the Two Mils Munita Pendant. Based on the old two mils coin used in the 70s, the pretty flowered edges of this pendant give it a flirty yet innocent appearance.

It’s almost like an heirloom for the nation - a little bit of local heritage that can be worn with pride.

 We placed the Two Mils Munita Pendant on a Medium Rope Chain, also in gold. Two single chains are intertwined to create a rope effect which is both sophisticated and vintage themed.

Rope Chain for layering | Mvintage

Third Layer

Bold is beautiful and that’s why we love the gold Maltese Cross Maduma Twist Coin. Each one of these pendants is hand painted in two shades of red enamel with gold-plated stainless-steel edging. 

Twist necklaces give you the flexibility of changing the centre pendant as frequently as you like. The outer style we chose to complete this look is the Twist Pendant Zirconia. 

We chose the Long Ball Chain necklace for this pendant as the delicate beads add the finishing detail for anyone close enough to admire them. Between the colour, size and design, this necklace and pendant deserve the centre stage in your layered masterpiece.

Long Gold Chain | Mvintage

The Confident Look

A meaningful two-tiered necklace with a distinctive autumn feel

Two layer necklace | Mvintage

If a three-layered necklace isn’t to your liking, you might want to skip the
Munita Initial Pendant as a choker. This combination has enough panache to work only with two layers very easily. 

First Layer 

The Short Link Chain is the perfect necklace to hold our new meaningful Confidence stone. This handpicked semi-precious cat-eye stone flaunts a slightly iridescent shade of emerald which promotes boldness and self-assurance in the wearer. Available in a variety of settings, like the Confidence Dainty Arrow, we settled on the Confidence Shield Pendant as it tied the connotation of strength from the chain into the concept of safeguarding and protection in the crown design. 

Second Layer

There is nothing quite as exceptional as green and gold. The Long Basic Chain in gold gives the neckline length and plays nicely against the complexity of the Short Link Chain on the first layer. The Confidence Twist Stone brings the green back into play and the two layers work in a bold harmony. 

Finish the beautiful fierceness of this look with Large Hoop Earrings and the Dainty Crescent Horn Pendant in gold. 

If you prefer a more delicate introduction of the Confidence meaningful stone, the Munita collection features a very dainty whipstitch version, the Confidence Munita Oval Pendant in Gold. Delicate and vintage inspired, it sits perfectly on a stacked necklace together the Twenty Five Cents Munita Engravable Pendant just behind it. Romantic but with nuances of bravery. 

Yes, there’s lots to love about Munita. 
But perhaps the one thing we love the most, is the versatile ways that this creative collection can be worn. 

Afterall, there is nothing more distinct in this world than you. Munita is designed to reflect that, giving you jewellery that helps you to be confident, be unique and always unforgettable.

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