1. Christmas 3for2 Offer
    Christmas 3for2 Offer

    3FOR2 on ALL Twist Stones/Coins and Studs
    Spread the holiday spirit with 3FOR2 on ALL Twist stones/coins and Stud earrings!

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  2. The Mvintage Story Of Success
    The Mvintage Story Of Success

    Mvintage is writing a new chapter in its story of success with the opening of a flagship store in Valletta and a new larger jewellery kiosk at The Point. Founder and designer, Krystle Penza created the brand from a pipe dream into a household name in Malta. Stemming from a passion to create a legacy for her newborn daughter, Krystle developed Mvintage into a community dedicated to the empowerment and support of women. With ten years of experience in the jewellery industry, she took her fate into her own hands and turned a gamble into a success story.

    Today Mvintage is a flourishing Maltese brand on an incline; celebrating achievement in the face of adversity and devoting its triumph to the individuals who have supported and inspired the brand. Having created her brand turned sisterhood, Krystle details her journey with Mvintage and the story behind its success.

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  3. Inspirational Women, Episode 6 - World Diabetes Day
    Inspirational Women, Episode 6 - World Diabetes Day

    November 14th is World Diabetes Day; a day dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the importance of diabetes as a global health issue. 

    This year in order to raise awareness and contribute to the cause, we have collaborated with the inspirational Rachel Portelli. Having been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in her childhood, Rachel is a pillar of strength in the face of the adversity her illness causes. Rachel has created a community of support and education through her website SUPPORTING1ANOTHER.COM; a forum of motivation and shared experiences for people suffering with Type 1 Diabetes.

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  4. How Did You Know? #GiftMvintage This Christmas
    How Did You Know? #GiftMvintage This Christmas

    THAT priceless moment. You know THE moment? You’re eagerly awaiting the opening of your gift...

    They start tearing at wrapping paper all in the haste of discovering the treasure that awaits. Revealing a unique present that has been carefully selected, a small representation of someone special in gift form. A wide smile stretches across their face, feet tapping on the ground with excitement.

    THE priceless moment when they look at you and say:


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  5. Halloween Offer - FREE Evil Eye Necklace
    Halloween Offer - FREE Evil Eye Necklace

    Get a FREE Evil Eye necklace (in the colour of your choice) when spending €100 or more.

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  6. All Women, One Colour - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    All Women, One Colour - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    ALL WOMEN ONE COLOUR. Breast cancer does not distinguish between age, class or race. It is a disease without discrimination that affects all women. As a brand we want to create an environment of solidarity throughout October, one of encouragement and strength. A reassurance that the battle is not fought alone and that we stand with all fighters.

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  7. Inspirational Women, Episode 5
    Inspirational Women, Episode 5

    In our fifth episode of Inspirational Women we caught up with the ambitious and talented Laura Swale, an avid artist with a mission to open up her world to the public. With our current campaign advocating for self-expression and individuality we could think of no one better to turn the spotlight on this month. Her passion in life has driven her to cultivate a career based on creative expression and community. Her latest passion project ‘The Trail’ creates a bird’s eye view into the artists’ process by opening up studios to the public across Sliema and St.Julians, endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

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  8. NEW AW'18 Collection, EXPRESS YOURSELF
    NEW AW'18 Collection, EXPRESS YOURSELF

    The time is finally here! 

    It is with the utmost excitement that we introduce our NEW AW’18 Collection; A collection designed to release your creativity, destined for personalisation, EXPRESS YOURSELF!

    This collection promises to allow you freedom of expression and individuality. Designed with the purpose of putting YOUR own touch on what you wear. Make a piece that is infused with little bits of your personality layered together!

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  9. Celebrating international Sister's Day - August 5th
    Celebrating international Sister's Day - August 5th

    International Sister’s Day is right round the corner. August 5th, and we can’t wait to celebrate the special bond! We’d like to think of our brand as more of a sisterhood and community; one of solidarity and empowerment. Bonded by blood and best friends for life, our sisters are the pals we didn’t get to choose but cherish through everything.

    This year we’ve collaborated with the Zammit Stevens sisters: Jade, Yazmin and Jessica. These 3 stunning siblings gave us some insight into the joys of having your best friends with you for life, from your childhood memories to unforgettable moments to come. As part of this collaboration we’ve asked them some questions about their favourite aspects of sisterhood.

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  10. FRIENDSHIP OFFER - Good Things Come In Twos
    FRIENDSHIP OFFER - Good Things Come In Twos

    Buy ANY 2 items of the same kind and get one of them at 50% OFF!

    This offer is available online and in-store. For online purchases kindly order 2 quantities of the same item and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. If you wish to select a different stone colour or metal finish kindly contact us via email detailing your preferred alternate stone colour and/or metal finish. 

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