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  1. Special Offer - Ready, Set...Hoop!
    Special Offer - Ready, Set...Hoop!

    We are making all of your hoop dreams come true thanks to the Ready, Set... Hoop Special Offer valid from 30th May until 2nd June.

    Choose any 2 pendants and receive Hoop Earrings of your choice! 

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  2. Earring Trends 2019 with Mvintage
    Earring Trends 2019 with Mvintage

    Although always a classic staple, hoop earrings have taken this year’s fashion scene by storm. Customising your own earrings to suit your personality and pairing them with a unique combination

    of dainty necklaces has become the trend for 2019.

    This season sees playful, bold, colourful and eye-catching jewellery, so have fun mixing and matching to dress your ears to the nines!

    This month we’re introducing the NEW large 3cm Hoop, available in rose gold and silver. Wear these earrings alone or, better still, dress them up with your favourite Mvintage

     interchangeable pendants. These pendants can be worn on chains, bracelets and hoops, making it easy to build, curate and personalise your very own jewellery and style.

    Whether you want to be playful and make a statement or choose matching pendants to create an elegant set, the options are unlimited.

    Here are some ideas that follow the earring trends for 2019.

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  3. Mother's Day - Blossomed From Her Love
    Mother's Day - Blossomed From Her Love

    This Mother’s Day, we’re honouring Mum by celebrating her devotion to nurturing us into strong individuals; planting her seeds and watching us grow.

    It’s that time of year to shower Mum with flowers, gifts and best wishes to thank her for all she’s done for us. 

    No matter how old we get, our Mothers continue to be our refuge. They always have the right words to guide us, a warm embrace to welcome us home and a gentle smile to make us feel loved and cared for. 

    To thank Mum for all she’s done for us, we’ve created an exclusive gift just for her, a token of appreciation for shielding us and providing us with all the necessary tools to help us reach our full potential. 

    Introducing the Limited Edition Flower Bud Pendant, a symbol of a mother’s love. This dainty pendant is inspired by the growth of a delicate flower. As a flower bud safeguards its petals from the elements, so too does a mother’s love protect, nourish and provide strength for her children.

    Find out more. 

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  4. Mother's Day Special Offer
    Mother's Day Special Offer

    Choose jewellery worth €149 or more and receive a Limited Edition Flower Bud pendant of your choice as a gift* 

    This Mother’s Day, let’s honour Mum by celebrating her love and devotion towards us, nurturing and watching us grow into strong individuals and reaching our full potential.

    To mark this special occasion, we’re launching a Mother’s Day Offer which is definitely not worth missing out on.    

    Discover more. 

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    ‘If we promote our culture by keeping it alive, it would become a living heritage’, Maria Grazia Cassar. Din l-Art Helwa’s outgoing president talks us through her role at Din l-Art Helwa and why it's important to safeguard our Maltese identity. 

    Founded in 1965, Din l-Art Helwa is a group of like-minded people that felt that since Malta had gained independence, the next step was to do something tangible about protecting and preserving the country’s natural and historical patrimony.

    Maria Grazia Cassar has been involved with Din l-Art Helwa for thirteen years and has contributed to various projects ever since her involvement with the organisation. Read on to find out more. 

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  6. Welcoming April - 15% OFF
    Welcoming April - 15% OFF

    Here’s an offer you don’t want to miss. 15% OFF EVERYTHING. Welcome April in style with your favourite Mvintage items for LESS. Go to our website to benefit from this offer or visit one of our stores: to benefit from this great offer. 

    Offer lasts until 1st April – It’s no joke!

    Use the coupon code 15NOJOKE at checkout to apply to your order.

    *T&Cs Apply

    This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discounts. Not valid on the value of sale items. Offer ends 1st April 2019, until closing time in-stores and online till midnight CET.

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    Find our Stores: 

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  7. Announcing the Winners of our Women’s Day Competition
    Announcing the Winners of our Women’s Day Competition

    This year, Mvintage wanted to mark the occasion by rewarding its shop visitors and customers with special treats and prizes. Find out the three lucky winners of our Women's Day competition. 

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  8. Special Offer - Celebrating International Women's Day
    Special Offer - Celebrating International Women's Day

    In honour of International Women's Day we're giving you 10% OFF everything!

    Mvintage was created by women for women so its only fitting that we take this day as an opportunity to celebrate YOU!

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  9. New SS 2019 Collection - Behind Re-Discoveries
    New SS 2019 Collection - Behind Re-Discoveries

    Re-discoveries began as an exploration of the past; unearthing the relics of our roots and crafting them in a new light. Inspiration was drawn from architectural and rural elements to produce an array of delicate pieces with a rustic Maltese flair; embodying wearability whilst echoing a nostalgic quality.

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  10. Stories Of Love - Episode 4, Emma Hogg
    Stories Of Love - Episode 4, Emma Hogg

    This week we sat down with Emma Hogg; a psychotherapist who advocates for self-love and positive affirmation. Emma promotes wellness and achievement on her blog A Life I Choose; holding workshops and sessions to improve self growth and participate in the development of a happier life. We sat down with her to discuss self-love and what it means to her.

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