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  1. A new way to style your favourite pendants
    A new way to style your favourite pendants

    With the launch of our new Pin Earrings, we’ve taken our interchangeable jewellery concept to a whole new level. The design of the new Pin Earrings gives you the flexibility to transform any flat backed pendant into stud earrings.

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  2. Three ways to layer the Munita Collection
    Three ways to layer the Munita Collection

    The Munita Fall Collection is a timeless range of stunning vintage-themed jewellery, with designs inspired by old Maltese currency that add a graceful touch to your look.

    Whilst there are endless possibilities of combining your Munita collection. Here are some of our favourite ideas for creating beautiful and personal layered looks. 


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  3. Inspirational Women of the Month Ep. 9 Meet the Heroines of the Sea
    Inspirational Women of the Month Ep. 9 Meet the Heroines of the Sea

    When we launched our ‘Summer by the Sea’ campaign a few months ago, it was in full appreciation of the glorious Mediterranean Sea that surrounds our beautiful islands. But at the same time, we were aware of just how fragile our environment has become. Between climate change impacting our day-to-day lives, micro plastics in our land and waters and an era where rubbish has been dumped anywhere and everywhere – things must change.

    Tackling that change is a group of courageous, intelligent and caring women who form part of the eNGO, Żibel. Today the organisation is made up of 5 females and one male, Andrew, who is one of the founding members. The purpose of Żibel is to clean-up our environment, educate our nation and influence our leaders to take the necessary steps to safeguard our children’s future. 

    We used Marsaxlokk as the stunning backdrop for our ‘Summer by the Sea’ campaign photos and video. In March 2019, just a few months earlier in the same location, Żibel helped to collect 23.98k of plastic, 2kg of recyclable plastic, 196.06kg of glass, 7.78kg of metal, 111.36kg of general rubbish, 204.66kg of tyres, 185.6kg of fishing gear, 36.16kg of batteries, 319kg of bulky waste and just under 1kg of bottle caps.

    The numbers of collected waste were astounding.

    We caught up with lovely ladies behind the Żibel organisation to understand why the organisation exists, who they are, the impact they’ve had to date and what’s next for them to help keep our island clean. We also wanted to give them some very special Mvintage jewellery to thank them for all the amazing work they do.

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  4. How to Layer your Mvintage Necklaces
    How to Layer your Mvintage Necklaces

    Read this handy guide to layering your Mvintage necklaces like a pro. Create a beautiful cascade of meaningful jewellery that fits into your personal story and style.

    Layered necklaces. One of the most stylish trends to hit the jewellery catwalk over recent years and a core element of our Mvintage concept. From movie stars to singers and models, everyone has been layering like crazy. Sometimes the chains and pendants are specifically chosen to depict a more delicate and feminine look. Other times they’re worn for a bolder and more eye-catching style. 

    But is there an art to layering necklaces perfectly? Where do you start? And how do you avoid creating a necklace circus?

    Whilst there isn’t really a right or wrong way to wear layered necklaces, we’ve put together a little guide to help you start layering your Mvintage necklaces like a pro. We promise, achieving ‘Instagram-worthy’ looks isn’t hard.

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  5. To My Bestie, with Love
    To My Bestie, with Love

    To celebrate International Friendship Day, we launched a brand new product - the Spin Engravable. To mark this special occasion, we also caught up with Claudia and Katya, two best friends and Mvintage loyal customers, whose positive energy and strong love for each other is an inspiration to us all. We talked about what they love doing, what they admire about each other and what it is about our Mvintage line that gives them personal inspiration.

    We also gave them both our new Spin Engravable pendant, which they had engraved with a personal message on both side. 

    Read on to find out more about the dynamic duo. Find out their favourite Mvintage items, get inspired by their Mvintage jewellery combinations and discover our Friendship Special Offer!

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  6. Summer Jewellery Trends 2019
    Summer Jewellery Trends 2019

    Sunglasses on, beach bags at the ready and towels in hand.

    Be the best dressed this summer with the Mvintage Summer jewellery trends for 2019, as we welcome in a new range of beautiful items, perfect for a Summer by the Sea. 

    Read on to discover your seasonal trends and must-haves.

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  7. Special Offer - Ready, Set...Hoop!
    Special Offer - Ready, Set...Hoop!

    We are making all of your hoop dreams come true thanks to the Ready, Set... Hoop Special Offer valid from 30th May until 2nd June.

    Choose any 2 pendants and receive Hoop Earrings of your choice! 

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  8. Earring Trends 2019 with Mvintage
    Earring Trends 2019 with Mvintage

    Although always a classic staple, hoop earrings have taken this year’s fashion scene by storm. Customising your own earrings to suit your personality and pairing them with a unique combination

    of dainty necklaces has become the trend for 2019.

    This season sees playful, bold, colourful and eye-catching jewellery, so have fun mixing and matching to dress your ears to the nines!

    This month we’re introducing the NEW large 3cm Hoop, available in rose gold and silver. Wear these earrings alone or, better still, dress them up with your favourite Mvintage

     interchangeable pendants. These pendants can be worn on chains, bracelets and hoops, making it easy to build, curate and personalise your very own jewellery and style.

    Whether you want to be playful and make a statement or choose matching pendants to create an elegant set, the options are unlimited.

    Here are some ideas that follow the earring trends for 2019.

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  9. Mother's Day - Blossomed From Her Love
    Mother's Day - Blossomed From Her Love

    This Mother’s Day, we’re honouring Mum by celebrating her devotion to nurturing us into strong individuals; planting her seeds and watching us grow.

    It’s that time of year to shower Mum with flowers, gifts and best wishes to thank her for all she’s done for us. 

    No matter how old we get, our Mothers continue to be our refuge. They always have the right words to guide us, a warm embrace to welcome us home and a gentle smile to make us feel loved and cared for. 

    To thank Mum for all she’s done for us, we’ve created an exclusive gift just for her, a token of appreciation for shielding us and providing us with all the necessary tools to help us reach our full potential. 

    Introducing the Limited Edition Flower Bud Pendant, a symbol of a mother’s love. This dainty pendant is inspired by the growth of a delicate flower. As a flower bud safeguards its petals from the elements, so too does a mother’s love protect, nourish and provide strength for her children.

    Find out more. 

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  10. Mother's Day Special Offer
    Mother's Day Special Offer

    Choose jewellery worth €149 or more and receive a Limited Edition Flower Bud pendant of your choice as a gift* 

    This Mother’s Day, let’s honour Mum by celebrating her love and devotion towards us, nurturing and watching us grow into strong individuals and reaching our full potential.

    To mark this special occasion, we’re launching a Mother’s Day Offer which is definitely not worth missing out on.    

    Discover more. 

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